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team TRX

TRX is a complete body training system that uses gravity and your own body weight to build strength, power, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability. It fires up multiple muscles which increases the heart rate, burning more calories than any other ‘traditional’ type training. This can minimise your training time by working your entire body as you can easily switch from one exercise to the next in seconds.

Core strength • Balance • Flexibility • Endurance • Power

Every exercise engages your core, which includes the pelvis, abs, glutes, back and chest muscles. A strong and stable core is important to help prevent injuries, not just in your lower back, but throughout your entire body. The TRX also helps in the fight against bone loss as the exercises can be low impact whilst having the bone strengthening benefits of weight bearing exercise. 

TRX was originally designed by a Navy Seal who needed to be able to stay in shape whilst away on missions. Since then, TRX has made its way into the fitness industry and is used by many pro sports teams, coaches and top trainers around the world.

No matter what your fitness level, TRX training is for you!


grit HIIT

A high intensity interval training class designed for maximum FAT BURNING, strength building and heart conditioning benefits.

This circuit based class uses a variety of different exercises and resistance equipment to train upper, lower body and core, working through each exercise 4 times through.

40 seconds work : 20 seconds rest.

Options are given to include all fitness levels in this motivating 45 minute workout and closes with a deep stretch for tired muscles.

Everyone is welcome!


my trainer

This unique ‘personal training’ class takes a small class of people ensuring the ‘personal’ aspect of training is maintained.

Bodyweight becomes the tool of training, using exercises designed to shock your body into burning fat and to ignite your muscles for maximum strength and length. Through practising perfect technique, your body will learn to move smoothly and effectively resulting in a longer, leaner you! 

Hand weights and resistance bands are available to use to promote super strength and deep conditioning. This is a great way to turbo-charge your metabolism into burning more calories and helping you achieve the results you want FAST!

It is very important that class members see the instructor as ‘their’ personal trainer; at their disposal, to encourage, motivate, educate and support each and every class participant.

Take this opportunity to train alongside others of mixed abilities, progressing together to feel the accelerated rewards of working with your trainer.


This class focusses on the fitness elements of boxing training in a 45 minute cardio workout using partner padwork drills and boxing combinations. An element of strength and conditioning work is included in this workout to ensure your body becomes stronger and more resilient. Boxing teaches you to be physically and mentally strong, develops hand-eye co-ordination, core strength, relieves stress and empowers you. Expect to have great fun and sweat plenty!

Friendly reminder notice:

1. All classes purchased will expire at the end of each term.

2. Add contact telephone numbers to your ‘profile’ in the event of class cancellations/time changes.

3. When upgrading to a ‘teamTRX’ class, please contact Melissa to arrange. A £5.00 supplement applies.

No mobile phones in the studio - ever!


what our clients say

Melissa gets results, not by our jumping around for an hour, but by methodical, challenging and meticulous exercise routines, improving core strength every session. Utterly feel-good.
I like the fact we only use our body weight to do exercises 'perfectly' which makes it a real challenge. I love your enthusiasm and the commitment you have to all of us in the group.
I can honestly say that after years of exercising I feel this is the first time it is really making a difference and I thoroughly enjoy the sessions.
The classes are great fun and really effective. Melissa really cares about you and your individual needs. She takes her job of getting you fit, healthy and ultimately feeling good about yourself very seriously.
I have tried many training classes, outdoor workouts, running groups in my time and Melissa is without doubt the best.
A great fun yet challenging way to get fit! My favourite exercise though a bit crazy is doing the press ups with my feet suspended in the air.
If you want toned arms and a flat tummy this is the class is to do. Melissa is very motivating and supportive and I have seen results after only a few weeks.
I can highly recommend the class for increasing core strength, toning your body and gaining overall body strength. Melissa’s constant and clear instruction ensures you concentrate fully on correct technique.
Having exercised and tried a variety of fitness regimes for over 25 years, the TRX class with Melissa is exciting, challenging and most of all meets you where you are in your fitness and takes you where you want to go.
I have only been doing ‘my trainer’ for a few weeks and I can already feel myself getting stronger. Melissa is great at making sure that positioning and technique are correct thereby making the exercises a hundred times more effective!
These classes have made the biggest difference to my body shape (yes, even my inner thighs!) and strength and I love it! Would highly recommend Melissa’s classes to all.