Personal Training, Yoga & Pilates – Melissa Scott


HOT yoga

The studio now benefits from the latest in German panel heating technology and delivers a wonderful warmth, similar to feeling the sun on your body. Eco friendly, silent and efficient.

On Wednesday nights, the studio is heated to approx 32 degrees for 8.15pm HOT yoga practise.

Monday Tuesday and Thursday evening yoga is comfortably warm at 25 degrees.

The added heat encourages the body through a deeper range of movement, improving flexibility, reducing stress, burning fat, building strength and healing injuries. All classes include a mixture of standing and balancing postures, as well as floor based work helping you feel great inside and out!

Classes are suitable for beginners, yet include progressive postures for those more experienced in their yoga practise. 

Modifications and options are provided throughout the class for all levels and abilities.


funky FLOW

An energetic, upbeat Vinyasa yoga practise, set to a motivating atmosphere of great music. Led by Aimee Garcia Marshall, you will quickly connect with her 'can do' attitude and encouraged to play with some challenging postures, arm balances and inversions along the way. Tremendous fun and a great workout for those who prefer a class with pace.


yoga FLOW / morning YOGA

Dynamic and exhilarating Vinyasa yoga classes using the breath to gracefully move from one posture to the next. A subtle background of music creates an atmosphere of pace and encourages the class to ’flow’ as one. Designed to increase flexibility, strengthen and tone your body, yet develop a calm and focused mind, the sequence of moves become familiar through regular practice and may change over time to develop your yoga experience.

The room is comfortably warm, however, the flowing movement creates internal heat to help deepen your range of movement.

SPECIAL OFFER: Commit to 12 weeks of morning YOGA for only £90.00 (£7.50/class)


beginners YOGA

This 6 week course has been designed for students with little or no experience of yoga.

Learn some of the fundamental yoga poses alongside other beginners, concentrating on healthy alignment and establishing a deeper awareness of your body. The yoga practice builds week by week, providing a solid foundation of poses and inspiring you to confidently continue yoga and enjoy the health benefits it brings. 

ONLY £60.00 (£10/class)

mindful YOGA

A mindful yet strong flow with healthy anatomical alignments that encourages a more conscious approach to postures.

Time and space are given to notice and playfully explore the more subtle movements we ask the body to create. Each week, explore how the body moves as a whole and notice the relationships parts of the body have with each other in developing strength, proprioception and body awareness as a result of working more intuitively.


DETOX + restore

The perfect combination of active and passive yoga to leave you feeling rejuvenated!

40 minutes of yoga flow + twists in our beautiful heated studio, to stimulate your body and get a sweat on.
Followed by...35 minutes restorative yoga to let your body repair and switch your zen on.



Please arrive 10 minutes early

In the interest of hygiene, please bring your own mat or 'sticky dot' yoga towel to fit the studio mats. 

N.B. Fitted 'sticky dot' yoga towels are available to purchase if you arrive unprepared. Don't worry...we've all done it !

Bottle of water.

No mobile phones in the studio - ever!


 Friendly reminder notice 

1. All classes purchased will expire at the end of each term.

2. Add contact telephone numbers to your ‘profile’ in the event of class cancellations/time changes.

3. When upgrading to a ‘teamTRX’ class, please contact Melissa to arrange. A £5.00 supplement applies.

4. Never be later than five minutes early. :)




what our clients say

The flow classes are dynamic yet calming - I feel really great after a class. Sophie explains the moves really well and there are always different routines to look forward to.