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juice cleanse

Indulge in a 1, 3 or 5 day juice cleanse or simply inject some daily goodness into your life.

Our nutritious and delicious yummy Juices are all custom made to order and can be built with you in mind. We take into consideration likes and dislikes of vegetables and fruit and of course allergies and intolerances. 

Our plans are designed to cleanse your palette and get back to healthy eating. You become more aware of what you are putting into your body and of course one of the huge benefits is that it gives your digestive tract a rest from constantly breaking down food such as meat and dairy.

All our juices are organic and homemade and delivered to your door within 12 hours of them being made. We don’t add water, use any concentrates or anything artificial just yummy fruits and vegetables.

We are finding that a lot of people turn to cleanses because they feel boated and sluggish and want to lose some weight. Sometimes people are caffeine, sugar or alcohol dependant and have never detoxed in a whole lifetime. When you eliminate toxins from your system your entire body feels reset and better!

1 day cleanse = £39.00

3 day cleanse = £99.00

5 day cleanse = £149.00

Ginger shots = £9.99 for 3 or £14.99 for 5 shots

Why not give it a go… Check out some of our testimonials on Instagram @theyummyjuicecompany

We can’t wait to serve you!

Let’s get JUICING!

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21 day detox

Desperate to lose some weight but don’t know how?
Can’t get rid of those stubborn pounds? 
Want to get amazing results fast?!

What is it?

This is the ultimate power cleanse. Look no further for help. It REALLY works.

What does it involve? 

  • A 21 day detox program 
  • 3 free yoga classes.
  • Weekly consultation with our nutritional therapist, Rosie Millen.
  • A detox booklet with all your meal and snack plans. 
  • Access to the Facebook detox group. 

This program is NOT a starvation diet. You will actually eat plenty of great quality food, manipulated in a crafty way to help your body burn maximum fat and to retain muscle tone during the 21 days. 

The highly valuable customer manual guides you through all the principles in the program, as well showing you exactly what to eat, how to make the food and what to buy when you go shopping.

Further to this, Melissa will include three complimentary group yoga classes to be used within the 21 day program to assist in the cleansing process.

How much does it cost? 

The whole detox is just £197.00

If at any point you feel that it’s not working we will give you your money back. 

How do I sign up?

To register your interest please contact Melissa at:


what our clients say

"The food on the detox was enjoyable and really easy to make. I was amazed at the total lack of cravings!"
"The best thing about the detox was the group environment and friendly ongoing support. The food and snacks on the menu were very tasty and I've definitely changed my attitude towards food now."
"I enjoyed the detox - particularly preparing the food and feeling really satisfied afterwards. Its been a great education for me. The meals were really tasty and easy to follow. I also enjoyed the weekly meetings and getting support and learning from each other. Excited about the future!"
"I really enjoyed the detox. The food and meetings were really helpful and the recipes were very tasty"