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Celebrating 25 years in the fitness industry




12 Spaces

60 mins

230 Calories


Everyone needs a good stretch!


This class offers a sequence of stretches to awaken your body and improve your range of movement in all directions. Mobilise your joints and stretch muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons to release areas of tension and gradually increase your flexibility.


We ALL need to move better to keep us active and injury free.  Flexibility = longevity!


Leggings, shorts, pilates socks, support bra (women only) and tops, yoga towel, bottle of water & hand towel. In the interest of hygiene, please bring your own mat or ‘sticky dot’ yoga towel to fit the studio mats.

Friendly Reminder

  • Please arrive 10 mins before the start of class as the door is bolted on time. We don’t do ‘LATE’!
  • It is essential to download the mobile App Melissa Scott TBT (please turn on notifications) In the event of class cancellations/changes you will be notified in a group message via the App
  • All classes purchased will expire at the end of each term.
  • When upgrading to a ‘team TRX’ class, please contact Melissa to arrange. A £5.00 supplement applies.

No mobile phones in the studio – ever!


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