45 Min

360-530 Calories


No matter what your fitness level, TRX training is for you!


TRX is a complete body training system that uses gravity and your own body weight to build strength, power, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability. It fires up multiple muscles which increase the heart rate, burning more calories than any other ‘traditional’ type training. This invigorating, time-efficient workout will help you achieve Total Body Training.


TRX can minimise your training time by working your entire body as you can easily switch from one exercise to the next in seconds. Every exercise engages and strengthens your core which is important in helping prevent injuries, not just in your lower back, but throughout your entire body. The TRX also helps in the fight against bone loss, as the exercises can be low impact whilst having the bone strengthening benefits of weight bearing exercise.


Leggings, shorts, support bra (women only) and tops, trainers, bottle of water & hand towel.

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