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Matthew Huy - Heels Over Head


Saturday 10th November 2018


12 places


Perhaps you remember the ease with which you attempted a handstand as a child. Perhaps you have wanted to try headstand in class but never felt you had the time to fully and safely explore the pose.  

This fun workshop will give you ample time to experience three inversions under the guidance of an experienced teacher: headstand (sirsasana), forearm stand (pincha mayurasana) and handstand (adho mukha vrksasana). 

Matthew will break down the elements necessary for balancing in inversions, including core control, shoulder mobility and understanding centre of mass. Students will work against a wall as well as in partners to help each other balance in their inversions. Everyone will leave knowing how to progress their inversion practice.

Stuart Sandeman – Transformational Breath


Sunday 18th November 2018
12 places

Unless we are breathing deeply and fully our cells are not getting the oxygen we require for optimum health. In the course of our busy lives we deal with emotional stress, physical injury, disagreements, conflicts, posture issues and other stresses that lead to poor, dysfunctional breathing patterns. As this becomes habitual, we lose the ability to breathe effectively. This can lead to illness, lack of energy, feeling emotionally drained, fatigue, and can trigger anxiety, stress and depression.

During this workshop we will observe your breath to identify any ineffective or restrictive patterns. This tells us where you may hold any physical, mental & emotional blocks. We then use tools such as acupressure, sound, movement and coaching to open your breath and allow it to flow more freely. 

Stuart Sandeman is a Transformation coach and breath facilitator. 

He is founder of Breathpod and director at global coaching organization Mindful Talent. He helps individuals, groups and businesses to reach their full potential has delivered one-to-one sessions and workshops to businesses including Google, Nike, Sky and Virgin. 

Stuart has a professional background in sales and finance, has travelled the world as an international DJ and has a lifetime of experience in competitive sports.

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